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I was looking for a good mafia game script that was cheap and bug free. I stumbled upon this website and I found it to be well written and super professional. It has all the  features and I ever wanted. All exciting features! Best of all it is for just 49.99$! Codes are so easily written and can tinker away with to meet your needs.

The amount of features in this script is nothing short of astonishing. I sought out looking for a web based browser game script and this amazing piece of work has profoundly exceeded my expectations... 10/10 stars if there were an option! Thank you!

You needn't been a programmer to use this software and if you are a programmer, there is still lot you can do to make a powerful game. Simply this one is the best of the game engine out there. If you are looking for Mafia War Clone Script (like me), this is the one you wanted.

Script out of the box is very user friendly and powerful. You can make a simple game or an advanced one with new features as you like. Combined with that, the developer has always been very helpful.

I have been using this script for few months now. It's an amazing product. Installation was super easy and game is very easy to understand. I operate a good profitable site like Mafia Wars this program.

Excellent software, as a novice I found it easy to install and use. Wise installer would allow to install product in less than minute for not too much experienced web masters without any knowledge in PHP. The graphics come with the script is simply amazing. I would recommend this program to my friends.

I found this script very useful. It is simply plug and pay script, easy to use. No complex configuration. All in one package.. Thanks to the Ravan Script for providing the script for such a low price.

Very easy to use, heaps of features and so easy to create new addons and change language , I love it!

I've been using this script for ages and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is perfect for starting a mafia game site and play with your friends.

Ravan Mafia script is just Great! Has all those cool features! I use it & I'm happy with it! Can't wait for V3.